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Nature Photographer


My aim is to tell stories about my life, share my passion for photography and pass on experiences I have learnt in more thought provoking videos. This page will keep you up to date with everything from my latest vids over on Youtube to my upcoming commercial videos for clients as I grow my film making portfolio. Watch this space over in 2021


My Youtube channel

My latest vids are all about how I love to shoot in 35mm film. If you aren't a photography geek like me, that means I still take photos the old fashioned way and get them developed or develop them myself. Either way, I try make my vlogs fun to watch so enjoy

Latest Films

Just a few of my latest YouTube Vids. Everything from a 2 min joke about advertising on YT to how Porta 400 (a 35mm film stock) compares to a little vlog. If you get any sort of inspiration from watching then give the channel a sub, it goes a long way ! Have fun 

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