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In 2008 I travelled to Asia after quitting more retail job I had been in for 8 years since leaving school at 16. Its on this trip that my love for photography was brought out.

My first memory of having any interest in photography was in my early teens when I visited a photographers dark room and I spotted a picture that summered such a reaction from me that I remember it now, 25 years later. It was simply of a paper bag floating through an industrial urban street, mid air with autumn leaves blowing either side of it. I remember looking at it and been fixated on it, how can such a simple image make me go inside my own head and vision a story, I didn't know then that it was because the photographer shot it to tell a story. 

Fast forward 10 years or so, I am stood on a wet and dark Chinese street in a small town outside the Huangdshan mountains and a plastic bag curled upwards in the wind together with some red and colourful bits of paper and in that moment it brought back those memories of photography. The excitement of capturing or creating images that you see in your mind and sharing them with the world. 

Add to the fact we were travelling around the world for 2 years looking at all the most beautiful sights and you now have a man obsessed with photography. 

Ever since I have learnt what is needed to be a photographer by working with fellow professionals, taking courses with famous photographers and most importantly built up a portfolio of work with different clients, from wedding days to product and commercial shots. All of which allow me to continue to learn how to get the best out of photography. 

Now in my mid 30's and more financially stable with a small family I have allowed myself 5 weekends each year to be booked for wedding photography, simply because I love it. The rest of the year in my spare time, I shoot small scale commercial projects, such as social media content for small business and food outlets. I also love to create more artist images from my life, mainly focusing on street and landscape photography, which brings me a lot of happiness. Finally, I have recently started to produce short films about my journey with a camera and this is just an other way for me to express my artistic side and hopefully inspire others to do the same. 

If you like the sound of what I do then drop me a email or call, or if you want to follow along my journey then pop over to my YouTube channel and give me a follow. Have Fun, Scott

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