Manchester, UK 2020


20 prints left, see limited prints information for more about these original pieces of artwork. 


A moment of contemplation was inspired by my love of the cities and towns I spend most of my time. I love how the city interacts with sunlight, whether in general and how it people react to it. This close nit relationship is something that fascinates me. 


In my work i try to either capture unique moments in other humans, as the interact with the land around them. Or, i see something with a deeper message that I want to portray, this usual means the person or persons are anonymous, as the story I am wanting to tell is not personal to them but more about a general story. 


This shot is the former. I love the way I could capture the sharp shadows that create some drama that leads you to the subject. Then you see the emotion of the person as she contemplates life. 


A Moment of Contemplation

  • All prints are limited, I decide the amount of prints up for sale (including all sizes) and I sell my art on a simple supply and demand basis. Therefore the cost reflects the current amount left for sale, the costs rises as the prints sell. Typically I allow 50 prints, however, check the individual piece for details. 

    I will give you a certificate confirming its authenticity, legal document confirming the limited number and confirmation no other image exists beyond my ability to market it via exhibition  and online marketing (However, when online it will be a copy and low resolution to avoid any possibility of copyright claim).  

    Giclée, the French verb meaning ‘to spray’, is used to describe a fine art digital printing process combining high quality archival paper with pigment-based inks, to achieve an inkjet print of superior archival quality, light fastness and stability.

    The process involves spraying microscopic dots of pigment-based ink onto high-quality art paper or canvas.

    We use Fujifilm paper called Etch paper which has a rough texture giving a unequie final look to this work. 

    The Giclée process means these prints will last for much, much longer than normal photographic paper, so not only do you get a much better artisct finish, the work will be around in 100's of years time too. 


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