Manchester, UK, 2020. 


40 prints left, see limited prints information for more about these original pieces of artwork. 


Out of the shadow was inspired by my love of the cities and towns I spend most of my time. I love how the city interacts with sunlight , whether in general and how it people react to it. This close nit relationship is something that fascinates me. 


In my work I try to either capture unique moments in other humans, as the interact with the land around them. Or, i see something with a deeper message that I want to portray, this usual means the person or persons are anonymous, as the story I am wanting to tell is not personal to them but more about a general story. 


This shot, I wanted to tell the story of how Manchester architecture talks to the city, how it talks to the people and how we, the people react to it. The way the light cascades through the different buildings is truly inspiring and tells you a different story every day. Even on a sunny day like this, you still see the dark side of it. Manchester, you dont know it unless you know it. 


Out of the Shadows

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