Top 5 35mm film stocks in 2021

What film should I use, what is the difference between 35mm film and film stock, just a couple of questions I have had recently. First off, 35mm film is the standard size film in a SLR camera. A film stock is just the term used to describe different types of films you can use. Example, Kodak 200 gold is a film stock but completely different than say, fomapan, but still a film stock.

Anyway, this blog is the start of a series im going to do to accompany my youtube channel, whereby I just list my favourite gear, films, things I use that may help you. Quick disclaimer, I am 15 years plus experienced photography, mainly weddings, shooting over a 100 in that time and award winning photographer, well one win to be precise :) . However, I started my journey in film photography 2 years ago, when I felt I was been held back in my photography development by digital. I realised I never learnt the foundations of this medium and suddenly felt isolated and ignorant in a world that gives me so much freedom. I figured if I wanted to land my dream of been a filmmaker and artist, selling my works of art from photography then I would need to embark on learning what photography was like before the 21st century.

The reason I say the above, is simple, my lists of films to use, will change through time, and I don't want to make out I have been doing this for 50 years. However, I can tell you what I see from different film stock, what it adds or takeaway's from your photographs and that's what ill be doing today.

If you have time, check out the Youtube channel, I do lots of photography and film photography stuff as well as more mainstream videos. I have a creative mind that I like to express, the channel is my outpouring of that creative vision.

Ok, now on to the list, my current top 5 films and why, if you want to buy them, then just click on the picture to take you to amazon:

1) Kodak Colour plus

Why, well, because its cheap, its durable and it is a classic all purpose film. If I am heading out on a trip and I am not certain what I want, this gives me some lovely yellows, nice all-round shots, without breaking the bank. Yes, it may not give you the perfect contract and definition to blow a shot up at A3 but for everyday shots, I love this film.

2) Kodak P3200 Tmax

Ok, moving on quickly, why this. Well is black and white, high ISO which unlike the above works fantastic in low light, in door conditions. I used this on Christmas day, for the reason that I knew I wanted a high ISO to help with the poor light and I wanted that dark atmospheric look. This is what you get with this one, more expensive but a great stock for indoor low light.

3) Kodak gold

An absolute classic, one of if not the east selling film stocks of the 90's, check out my film above for the advert in 1990 . This is the premium version of the Colour plus if you ask me, gives you slightly better contrast and the colours seem to be slightly more defined, giving you an appliance of sharper images. Bit more expensive but perfect for a day at the beach

4) Porta 400

OK, now this is starting to get costly, but this film is absolutely amazing. If you are after his contrast amazing colour definition then this is yours. I am talking Autumn colours or weddings, portraits . Check out the film above for real examples. I have plenty of this in my fridge at all times, because if I need to shoot close ups of people then I wouldn't use much else (colour).

5) Fomapan

Well, what can I say, I do love Black and white. This is again a great one for in door shooting, I put the exposer over 1 stop and I always get some great results. I have another vid in the making showing my results with this and some other great black and whites. However, I have been struck by Covid and am currently stuck in bed (hence doing this blog) . Once in fit again ill be finishing that off to show you what i mean by this great film stock.

Thanks so much for reading this blog, if you like it, please subscribe below or head over to the channel, that way, I will know to make more . One disclaimer, I am dyslexic , which is why I do more films than writing, but I know not everyone likes watching youtube, so I wanted to try and get some blogs out in the world to give you both. However, I apologise for any spelling or grammar related mistakes. Thanks again, and Have fun :)

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